V.00 Pasta A Casa

Fratelli Piccata Sauce

Your dinner table will be nice and bright this summer with Fratelli’s small batch Piccata Sauce. Deglazed with white wine and crafted by hand, this richer and silky sauce comes complete with real, full-sized capers and a vibrant lemon aroma that will delight the senses. Full disclaimer, several of us have been seen dipping bread directly into the jar. 


Galley Pasta Maker

Go the extra mile for mealtime with this Italian inspired pasta maker from our friends at Galley. The steel frame will hold steady as you cut from any of the variety of pasta shapes. The simple design of this maker makes for easy clean up and can turn even a beginner into a proper Italian chef for the night. 

Galley Pasta Rack

This pasta rack from Galley serves a major purpose in the process of Italian food prep by allowing your hand crafted pastas dry to perfection. With help from this rack you will be creating pasta from scratch in no time. 


Nicolas Vahe Italian Crushed Spices

Spices made up of oregano, marjoram, thyme, and sage will give your Italian dishes an extra kick this summer.

Galley Pasta Tools

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Keeping things cooking with all the tools of the trade needed to make perfect Italian meals. This set comes complete with two separate cooking spoons that will make sauce and pasta prep a piece of cake.

Galley Ravioli Stamp

We added the Galley Ravioli Stamp so you can take your Italian cooking prowis to the next level by easily creating authentic homemade ravioli. The single stamp design is built with durable materials to ensure quality, consistency, and simplicity.

Galley Dough Cutter

The bench scraper is a staple in the toolbox of any great Italian cook, and the team at Galley has outdone themselves with this simple and efficient design. You will be able to easily gage cutting measurements as well as scraping hard to grab bits of dough with comfort to make perfectly wasteless meals. 


Maker's Story

Become The Host You've Always Wanted (Feat. Matt Hunt of Fratelli and Company)


Pasta A Casa Spotify Playlist 

We're kicking off the Manner playlist series with Matt Hunt's favorite Italian Cooking tunes. Break out your pasta maker and get rolling!