Sharing Spirits With Pedro & Tailor

Sharing Spirits With Pedro & Tailor

Pedro + Tailor is the next of a long line of incredible companies that we’ve had the privilege of working with at Manner. When it comes to mission statements, there's may just be the most aligned with our company. 

“A Life Of Wonder”

Their business is focused first and foremost with giving customers the best version of life. If it’s cold, here’s the best version of a jacket. If you’re building a fire, here’s the best possible log carrier you can find. If you want to share spirits, here is the ultimate custom bourbon bag. That’s where we come in. As is true for many of you, collecting, trading, and inevitably sharing bourbons is one of my all-time favorite activities. Learning about different methods and brands is the perfect hybrid of science and badass storytelling. 

Our hope for this month is you take the proper time to ring in the new year with friendships of all kinds. Whether it be a hike, a camping trip, or a simple back porch gettogether, take the Manner Man approach and create your own Life Of Wonder.

We’re excited to see how you make the most of the new year. 

Enjoy, Manner Men. 

-The Manner Curation Team

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